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Gabby Hoefer

Computer science masters student at Brown University, passionate about creating mesmerizing user experiences.


Voya Financial

Redesigning the main website of Voya, a fortune 500 company, in order to establish trust and motivation throughout the retirement process of over 14 million users.

Skills: UX Design, UX Research, Web Design



Developing an all-new hotel management solution to alleviate the stress of check in, keycard mismanagement and save precious time in emergency situations.

Skills: UX Design, UX Research, Product Design, Data Analyst


Building a Virtual Reality Learning Environment to help educate students with Autism from the comfort and safety of their own home. 

Skills: Virtual Reality Development, Cybersecurity, UX Research, Data Analyst

White Plume Technologies

Designing an electronic health record (EHR) to streamline medical documentation and improve doctor-patient relationships.

Skills: Product Design, UX Research, UX Design, Data Analyst

Hi, I'm Gabby

I'm a computer science masters student at Brown University, pursuing a career in user experience.

I spent this past summer working at Voya financial as a UX Design intern, where I assisted with user interviews, data analytics, and design mockups.

Currently, I manage the Brown HCI Lab, as well as research Sochiatrist, a system to support clinical mental health research using cues from messaging data. For more details, see my full resume

If I'm not working at the computer, you can find me playing with my bunny or flying to a new city. I love trying new things and hope to visit every state before I turn 30. 

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